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Welcome to the VMI-Vienna Music Institute

The VMI-Vienna Music Institute is an educational facility accredited by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and woman´s affairs. VMI degree courses are the equivalent of those offered at Austrian state-administrated colleges and universities. In 2015, the institute became certified by the European Commission as all requirements for successful higher education were fulfilled.

Since 1999, the VMI has been specialised in the professional education of prospective musicians in the areas of modern jazz and popular music and today offers various state-approved diploma and pedagogical studies, bachelor programmes, student exchange programmes with international partner institutes as well as diverse seminars, masterclasses and workshops.

From the coming academic year 2018, four new study programs will be offered:

- Creative Musicianship

- Medienkomposition

- Music Production

- Music Business



Creativity and individuality

Our goal is to provide talented musicians with the highest level of professional and practical artistic education. The well-balanced study plans contain a combination of sound theoretical knowledge and cutting edge tuition, where the students can become familiar with the substantial possibilities that modern music has to offer in order to become well prepared musicians and educators for various areas of activity in the music branch. The VMI unites diverse European and international methods of tuition whereby the focus of every course or study is on creativity and individuality.



Innovative concepts

The VMI stands for practically oriented courses and studies with innovative concepts. The students are taught by an international team of lecturers as well as guest lecturers from various countries and continents and have the opportunity to combine different artistic and educational courses in a particulary economic way. They can complete sponsored semesters abroad and are involved from the beginning in an international community of music makers.



Internationally active tutors

The institute works together with a large number of experienced and internationally active tutors who are specialized in all kinds of different styles and techniques. This makes it possible for students to be taught by different teachers in private and ensemble lessons with varying focal points, and to gain a comprehensive spectrum of musical knowledge and skills. In addition to the planned tuition, workshops with international guest tutors are also offered.



International projects

The involvement in a community of international partner schools and universities provides students with various opportunities in the international music and culture industry. Alongside regular partner weekends in London where students can participate in workshops and concerts, there is also a yearly 'VMI Band Contest & International Band Experience'. The Band Contest prize is a well-organised trip to Holland with the following programme: concerts in music clubs, workshops and co-writing sessions as well as a concert at the renowned 'Eurosonic Festival' in Groningen (NL), one of the biggest and most well-known music showcase festivals in Europe.



Active Community

Time efficient lesson plans avoid unnecessary travel to and from the VMI which makes it possible not only for students from Vienna or its surroundings to study here. Students from different Austrian states travel to the VMI once, twice or three times a week to study. More than that, study at the VMI means being a part of an active community with new projects and long-standing friendships with other like-minded musicians.



Minimal costs trough maximum support

Due to all of the VMI studies being state-approved by the federal ministry and receiving the EU Charter from the European Commission, students are entitled to various grants and scholarships. Students can receive a VMI scholarship in the first 4 semesters, then an EU grant of approximately €300 per month for 2 ERASMUS exchange semesters before having the possibility to study for a year in London. Additionally, VMI students are also entitled to child and family support according to legal requirements or to concessions for public transportation.  Further educational courses for pupils are supported by AMS and WAFF.



Optimal studying conditions

The VMI-Vienna Music Institute enjoys a central location in Nobilegasse 23-25, 1150 Vienna, and is easily reachable by all forms of public transportation. Located on a former factory site near the beautiful palace of Schoenbrunn, the 1000 m2 large VMI boasts its own concert hall, well-equipped lecture rooms in different sizes, studio, kitchen, various administrative rooms as well as recreational areas with internet access. All rooms have openable windows with high ceilings for a fresh learning environment. Aside from 2 seperate stairwells and lifts, ample parking provides excellent accessibility to the VMI



Registration for new admissions

Online registration for new pupil and student admissions is possible at any time, is processed in approximately 48 hours (except for holidays and non-school days) and  then confirmed via e-mail. Independent of the main dates for new admissions, which take place at the beginning of the respective semester, pupils and students can be enrolled during the whole year. In the case of students transferring from other educational institutions, lectures and years which have already been completed can be credited so that the student does not lose any study time.



Further Information

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