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Study description

The focus of the diploma is in the artistic/creative area and leads to the highest level of musical education. Alongside weekly private lessons in the main study (vocal/instrumental) there is a particular focus on work other musicians in one of the stylistically diverse ensembles. Various theoretical and practical supplementary subjects make the diploma study a comprehensive and practical training with a state recognised certificate in music and arts also qualifying the student to progress directly to a master study.


Study profile

A special focus of this study is the virtuosic and artistic realisation of various musical possibilities as well as the development of the related technical skills. Alongside the foundational education in all relevant forms of modern music students can choose the stylistic direction they wish to specialise in e.g. jazz, pop, rock, etc.). The goal of the diploma study is to foster the individual unfolding of comprehensively trained musical personalities who will be professionally active in diverse concert and studio situations within an international community.


Study focus

- Learning of vocal and/or instrumental skills to the highest musical level;

- Imparting of practical and artistic musical practises in all areas of modern music;

- SAcquisition of improvisational and virtuosic abilities;

- Development of technique, rhythm and phrasing;

- Training of the musical ear and theoretical factors;

- Engagement with music theory and re-harmonisation;

- Learning of basic and advanced rules of composition and arrangement;

- Examination of studio technology and creative identity;

- Development of standard repertoires and individual concert programmes;

- Preparation of professional stager presence and performance;

- Fostering of an individual and comprehensively trained artistic personality;


Study details

Study commencement: September (cross-entry in February possible)

Study duration: 8 semesters

ECTS: 240

Credit for previous studies: Study programs and/or courses previously completed at officially recognised institutions can be accredited for study at the VMI. The minimum study duration is reduced accordingly.

Requirements: Musical experience and knowledge of music theory as well a timely online registration and passing the entrance exam (audition). Applicants from non-EU countries must have a valid visa. This can be applied for the relevant consulate upon passing the entrance exam.

Tutors: All courses are conducted by professional and internationally active musicians and experienced educators as well as specialists from the creative industry, studio technology, musicology music management and marketing.

Curriculum: Study plan

Grants and scholarships: VMI students who satisfy the necessary legal requirements may be entitled to family benefit, student grants and scholarships. Further information regarding this matter can be attained from our office.

Graduation: The study is completed with the final diploma exam. The certificates and diplomas issued by the VMI are equivalent to those from state institutes of higher education and are internationally recognised.

Study fees:

€120 once-only enrolment fee

€260 monthly tuition fee


Study registration

Online registration for the entrance exam is free, non-binding and possible at any time. Auditions serve to assess whether practical and theoretical skills are sufficient for the chosen study. Should the applicant not satisfy the criteria, or another study is found to be more appropriate (regardless of the study chosen in the online application), an alternative offer can be made. The entrance exams generally take place at the following times:

- For the winter semester (beginning of studies in September): May / June

- For the summer semester (beginning of studies in February): November / December

Alternative appointments can also be arranged.


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