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                                     S i m p l e   o n - l i n e   r e g i s t r a t i o n


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Entrance exams for study commencement in September (winter semester) take place in May and June, and in November and December for study commencement in February (summer semester).

In the event of places becoming available for applicants on the waiting list, entrance exam appointments can be offered up to the end of September or February respectively. Appointments are prioritised according to the when the online registration was submitted and given confirmed via e-mail by the VMI office (Sekretariat für Studienangelegenheiten und Studienberatung).

Registration: On-line registration



General information

Entrance exams at the VMI-Vienna Music Institute are free, non-binding and serve to address the knowledge and skills of the applicants, thus determining whether the entrance criteria are fulfilled. In the event of criteria not being fulfilled, alternative courses or studies (e.g. preparatory course/diploma study) can be offered.

New admissions are processed according to the above-mentioned criteria and chronological order of the on-line applications.

The entrance exam process is the same for all types of study (including preparatory studies) and involves assessments of theoretical knowledge, the applicant´s musical ear and also a practical part. The differences are only in regard to the entrance requirements of the respective study.

Applicants are informed about their entrance exam results directly following the practical part. In the case of a positive result, applicants may enrol. Successful applicants from non-EU countries receive a written conformation which they can take to the respective authorities to apply for a student visa.

Entrance exams at the VMI can be repeated as often as is necessary. The earliest commencement date is the following semester.



Theoretical Assessment

Serving to evaluate the applicant's current level of theory and his/her musical ear, the theoretical assessment checks the following areas: keys and notation; chords and scales, cadences; harmony (roman numeral system); and the recognition of musical intervals, chords, melodies and rhythm.



Pratical Assessment

For the practical assessment three pieces (of the applicant's own choice) are to be presented. There should be a clear contrast between the pieces in regard to tempo, key, etc in order to give as complete a picture as possible. The applicant is required to bring 3 lead sheets in treble clef (not full sheet music or tablature) to the entrance exam.

The pieces may be performed solo or accompanied by VMI musicians. When choosing the pieces, it is important to consider that they will be performed without rehearsal or detailed explanation. The most important factor for a positive  entrance exam is not the complexity of the pieces but rather the successful  performance. It is neither required nor desired for the applicant to play with backing tracks or bring his/her own musicians.



Other Requirements

Applicants for the Singer/Songwriter Diploma Study should include a minimum of one original composition/arrangement for the entrance exam.

Applicants for the Composition Study and the Teaching Qualification for Composition should present a minimum of 2 original compositions in legible notation in order to be able to explain the compositional technique and theory. A performance of these original compositions/ arrangements is not necessary but recordings, should there be any, can be played. Furthermore, a verbal analysis of the compositions should be prepared.




Entrance exam: On-line registration for the entrance exam is possible at any time and are processed within 48 hours (exept in case of national or school holidays).

Enrolment: Enrolment take place after passing the entrance exam and is required for each study year.

Registration: On-line registration



Further information


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