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Open day

The VMI-Vienna Music Institute is opening its doors again to the world on the 13th of April, 2018 from 10:00 to 20:00 and is proud to present a comprehensive and fun programme. From workshops, clinics, live performances, interactive participation and observation in diverse VMI lectures, to free and non-binding entrance exams and level checks, institute tours and detailed information sessions, open day guests have the chance to see first-hand what makes the VMI-Vienna Music Institute the ideal choice for a study in music. Take in the relaxed atmosphere, learn about the comprehensive range of VMI studies and courses, experience numerous and diverse musicians onstage, and enjoy the opportunity to actively take part! We are looking forward to welcoming you on the 13th of April!

Nützen Sie die Gelegenheit, sich einen ganzen Tag lang umfassend zu informieren, aktiv oder passiv teilzunehmen sowie zahlreiche MusikerInnen und Bands live on stage zu erleben.


Review of the last open day (Programme 04/2018 is coming soon!):




Tours, information and consultation

Hourly tours of the institute with

detailed info sessions.



Open Counselling


Active or passive participation

in vocal / guitar/ piano/ saxophone/ trumpet/

percussion and drum lessons.

Room 5-21

Online registration requested




Guitarist Fred Eisler leads us through the

world of improvisation and explains various

techniques and ways to create and shape music.

Concert Room 10



Sound Painting


Composer Samu Gryllus demonstrates the art

of "real time composing", where participants

are guided using hand signals.

Concert Room 10



"Don't be afraid of ear-training and Solféggio"

Martin Rattay gives us tips and tricks to

develop an efficient and musical ear.

Room 13


Piano & Electronic


Pianist Mike Tiefenbacher presents the different

sound applications of grand pianos,

Yamaha CP4 Stage Pianos and Roli Keyboards.

Concert Room 10




Detailed information about various VMI

studies and funded study programmes for

domestic and international musicians.

Room 13


Tapping Workshop

Tapping guitarist Fred Eisler demonstrates

a special guitar technique where both hands

are used simultaneously to create a piano-like effect.

Concert Room 10



Harmony and theory basics as an

essential foundation for the musical structure of

diverse songs and compositions.

Room 13


Drum Clinic

Drummer Harry Tanschek demonstrates diverse

techniques, styles and grooves on the drum kit and

invites enthusiastic participants to join in!

Concert Room 10



"Rhythm, Grooves & Timing"

Coordination exercises to quickly grasp and

learn different rhythmic concepts.

Room 16


Guitar Sound DesignWorkshop

Conrad Schrenk and Johannes Specht demonstrate

the most in demand stompboxes and guitar effects,

and give tips for pedalboards and setting up FX chains.

Concert Room 10


Live Performance

Guitarist Andy Manndorff performs pieces

from his new solo CD 'Pandora' and speaks about music,

sound aesthetics and the art of improvisation.

Concert Room 10



Ensemble teaching and band coaching

students work on new songs under the

direction of experienced musicians and tutors.

Room 16


VMI in Concert

VMI students present a live performance

with a selection of pieces showing the

diverse musical spectrum at the VMI.

Concert Room 10



Free and non-binding entrance exams and level checks

for anyone seeking to begin a music study or

simply wishing to see where their level currently is.

Room 16

Online registration requested

Our office is open throughout the day for further information.

Here is a summary of the diversity of the open day programme:

Piano & Electronic workshop with keyboard specialist Mike Tiefenbacher; a fascinating demonstration by tapping guitarist Fred Eisler; a drum clinic with the internationally active drummer Harry Tanschek; a Sound Painting workshop with the Hungarian composer Samu Gryllus; a live performance by the exceptional guitarist Andy Manndorff and a presentation of the most in demand stompboxes and guitar effects from the rich arsenals of VMI tutors Conrad Schrenk and Johannes Specht, who will not only be giving tips about pedalboards and setting up FX chains, but also (for the first time in Austria) be comparing different modelling products (e.g. Fractal Audio Axe Fx, Kemper Profiling Amp and Bias from Positive Grid) with analogue technology and offering the chance for open day guests to try them out!

Open Counselling is the opportunity to participate actively or passively in lessons with VMI tutors Claudia Cervenca, Betty Semper (vocals), Fred Eisler, Johannes Specht, Andrew Collett, Conrad Schrenk (guitar), Wolfgang Seligo, Michael Tiefenbacher (piano/keyboard), Clemens Salesny (saxophone), Johannes Probst (trumpet), Alexander Lackner, Martin Rattay (bass), Michael Prowaznik and Harry Tanschek (drums).

Furthermore, our open day is the chance to meet VMI students and teachers whilst being informed about the diverse studies and courses on offer - from free kids & youth courses and international student exchange programmes to artistic and pedagogical studies - plus the chance to enjoy musicians live on the VMI stage in the concert room!


Further free events you will find here: calendar



Be a guest student for a day

The VMI-Vienna Music Institute offers the opportunity all year round to spend a whole day with us as a guest student and attend lectures and workshops. Our office is happy to inform you of what is planned for the day you choose to visit us. This is a great way to get an impression of what is on offer at the VMI and to soak in the comfortable atmosphere.



Registration for guest students


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