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                             W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   V M I


                                      F r e e   G e r m a n   c o u r s e s


                                                 I n t e r n a t  i o n a l   s t u d e n t   c o m m u n i t y



Students from non-EU countries/EEA countries require a visa to enter Austria, and should enquire at an Austria Embassy with regard to the entrance requirements and documents necessary for visa application. Please submit your visa and/or residence permit application as early as possible in your home country.

All EU/EEA country residents and residents of Switzerland only require a valid passport or identity card to enter Austria. Please keep in mind that citizens of EEA countries and Switzerland who stay in Austria (primary or secondary residence) for longer than 3 months must apply for a registration certificate at the immigration office (MA 35) within 4 months of the date of arrival in Austria.

Temporary visas for entrance exams can be applied for. Should one be needed, we would be very happy to send you a letter of invitation for your visa application.

For your letter of invitation we require the following:

- on-line registration for the entrance examination

- a copy of your passport

- home address

- time and duration of your stay in Vienna



Language of instruction

Working together with an international team of tutors makes it possible to offer some lectures in the student´s native language. However, a good command of the German language is a prerequisite for successful study at the VMI. Please note that for Teaching Qualification students (IGP), the final exam is to be held in the German language.



Free German courses at the VMI

The VMI offers free German courses as a special service for our students.

In the study year of 2016/17, courses take place every Wednesday from 16:00-17:15 at the VMI. Further details and enrollment at:



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