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                            W e   s u p p o r t   y o u n g   t a l e n t


                                     P r o f e s s i o n a l   a n d   i n d i v i d u a l   c o a c h i n g


                                                 F r e e   c o u r s e s   a v a i l a b l e   (up to age 15)


Study description

For youngsters and children up to the age of 15

The so called BASIC EDUCATION is tailor made for the requirements of students from 6 to 15 years of age and will bring their instrumental and/or vocal skills up to a solid level.

From March 2016 children and youngsters up to the age of 15 have the opportunity to take free vocal or instrumental tuition, 30-45 minutes per week, at the VMI! In this way these young "musicians" are able to either become familiar with, or deepen their already acquired knowledge of their chosen instrument over several months. Course commencement does not have to coincide with the start of the regular semester and can be arranged individually for the beginning of any month.

In addition, it is possible to end, or take time out from, the course. For free tuition there is a once only registration fee of €45 for youngsters and children up to the age of 15. For further details, as well as consultation regarding the selection of a suitable instrument, please contact our office where registration for free tuition for youngsters and children up to the age of 15 can also be carried out. Reduced fees are also available for continued lessons for youngsters following the free tuition. Tuition is in the form of individual lessons of variable duration offering practical and methodical lesson plans with professional and experienced lecturers and music educators. As an alternative to individual lessons it is also possible, on request, to take part in group lessons.




Course: Kids & Youth Course (up to age 15)

Course commencement: The beinning of any month (exept July and August)

Course duration: Until the end of a given semester

Course continuation: The start of the following semester via on-line registration

Lesson hours: Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 20:00 (arranged in advance)

Lesson units: 30 or 45 minutes per week

Lesson type: Individual private tuition

Requirements: None. This course is based upon the students' needs.

Examinations: None

Registration fee: None

Course fee:

€     0,00 per month (Free individual private tuition of 30-45 minutes per week)

€   70,00 per month (Individual private tuition of 30 minutes per week)

€ 108,00 per month (Individual private tuition of 45 minutes per week)




Course registration: On-line registration is possible at any time. The processing time is approx. 48 hours (exept national holidays and days with no school).

Booking confirmation: You will receive an e-mail confirming your place on the course and including further information about course commencement, time, teacher, etc.

Supplementary course: Course in theory, ear-training as well as improvisation are also offered.

Registration: On-line registration



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