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Individueller Einzelunterricht


                             C o m e   a n d   s e e   f o r   y o u r s e l f


                                      E a s i l y   a c c e s s i b l e   b y   p u b l i c   t r a n s p o r t


                                                T h r e e   t u b e   s t o p s   f r o m   W e s t   S t a t i o n


Centrally located

The VMI-Vienna Music Institute is centrally located at Nobilegasse 23-25 in 1150 Vienna and is easy reached by all means of transportation.



Route planner

With a mouse click on the displayed map you switch to the Route planner. We look forward to your visit!



Further Information

VMI - Vienna Music Institute
Conservatory of Contemporary Music | Nobilegasse 23-25 | 1150 Wien | Austria | Tel: +43 (1) 786 04 92 | Fax: +43 (1) 786 04 92-15 | E-Mail:
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