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Individueller Einzelunterricht









Format: semester course

Aimed at: singers, instrumentalists, singer-songwriters & composers

Level: all levels

Date: weekly

Time: by arrangement

Description: Individual lessons rank among the most popular teaching formats at the VMI. They offer individual coaching by professional musicians and pedagogues, and take place weekly in either 30, 45 or 60 minutes units. The focus within these lessons may be chosen freely: thus, course students can pick the topics (technical and stylistic), according to their personal needs and interests. If available, preferred instructors may be chosen.

Instructors: At the VMI, a great number of local and international musicians, pedagogues, creative artists and teachers covering a wide range of specializations share their know-how with passion and enthusiasm. Instructors for individual lessons are determined by the chosen instrument/topic and free slots.


€110 (30 minutes of private lessons per week)

€145 (45 minutes of private lessons per week)

€180 (60 minutes of private lessons per week)

Registration: On-line registration



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