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                             E f f e c t i v e   c o m b i n a t i o n  


                                     E x p a n d   y o u r   m u s i c a l i t y


                                                E n h a n c e   y o u r   q u a l i f i c a t i o n


Study description

Due to the economical and easily combined study plans, students can also decide as to whether they wish to take a second study alongside their main study. The most popular combined studies, apart from the Diploma/IGP study, are combined electric/double bass or vocals/guitar/or piano. Further to the expanded technical skills, the second study also provides a higher qualification for various musical projects as well as teaching opportunities in educational institutions following graduation with this officially recognised degree.




Study commencement: February and September

Study duration: 6-8 semesters

ECTS: 240-263,5

Credit for previous studies: Study programs and/or courses previously completed at officially recognised institutions can be accredited for study at the VMI. The minimum study duration is reduced accordingly.

Requirements: Playing experience, knowledge of musc theory as well passing the entrance exam. Applicants from non-EU countries must have a vilad visa. This can be applied for the relevant consulate upon passing the entrance exam.

Grants and scholarships: Students at the VMI are entitled to family benefit, student grants and scholarships in accordance with legal requirements. Further information regarding this matter can be attained from our office.

Graduation: The study is completed with the final exam - an individual performance program, taking place as part of a public concert. After successfully passing this exam, students receive their officially recognised certificates and diplomas.

Study fees:

€120 once-only enrolment fee

€203 monthly tuition fee




Online registration for entrance exams is possible at any time and is free and non-binding. Entrance exams serve to evaluate the applicant's current practical and theoretical knowledge in order to establish whether this is sufficient for a study at the VMI-Vienna Music Institute.

Following online registration, entrance exam applicants are informed of exam dates via e-mail. The main entrance exam dates are as follows:

- For study commencement in September: May and June

- For study commencement in February: November and December

Alternative dates may be offered subject to availability.

Details about entrance exam

On-line registration


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