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Course description

The so-called THEORY & EAR TRAINING COURSE covers essential areas such as understanding music theory and developing a musical ear. Furthermore, the course provides effective preparation for entrance exams. The theoretical part of the course develops an understanding for music theory, scales and chords, cadences, chord families, modulation and harmonization, and much more.

The goal of the eartraining part is the development of so-called "relative pitch". This means the ability to recognise various intervals, scales, chords, cadences and chord progressions as well as rhythmic patterns.




Course: Theory & Ear Training course

Course commencement: September (2 semester course)

Lesson hours: Wednesday between 17:00 and 18:30

Lesson units: 90 minutes per week

Lesson type: Group tuition

Requirements: None. This course is based upon the students' needs.

Examinations: None

Registration fee: None

Course fee:

€ 220,00 per semester

€ 160,00 per semester (in combination with IMPROVISATION COURSE)




Course registration: On-line registration is possible at any time. The processing time is approx. 48 hours (exept national holidays and days with no school).

Booking confirmation: You will receive an e-mail confirming your place on the course and including further information about course commencement, time, teacher, etc.

Supplementary course: Reduced Fee in combination with the IMPROVISATION COURSE.

Registration: On-line registration



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