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Individueller Einzelunterricht

Success stories







VMI graduate makes career as PAENDA

Under the pseudonym PAENDA, the singer and VMI graduate has been very successful for some time now and performs numerous concerts in front of a constantly enthusiastic audience. PAENDA is a success story that impresses with its sovereignty and professionalism and that will most certainly be heard a lot. In 2019, she will present herself to an even larger audience and represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.



VMI graduate on tour

Guitarist Bernth Brodtraeger completed his diploma studies at VMI in the winter semester 2015 and immediately started a professional music career. Since then, the guitarist is on tour with one of the country's most successful bands. 'Seiler und Speer' is now filling not only the largest halls in our country, but far beyond. In the following video, the virtuoso guitarist will be heard with this band as soon as the curtain opens.



VMI graduate as a furious double bass drummer

Marthyn has already worked intensively during his studies at the VMI with a special technique of drumming and is now one of the most virtuoso double bass drummers in the country. In the following video he demonstrates a small part of his phenomenal arts.



Cooperation with graduates and tutors

The singer Lise Huber graduated with distinction from the VMI and is currently working together in the band 'Lil Maxine' with drummer Konstantin Kräutler (VMI graduate living in the USA) and VMI tutor and bassist Oliver Steger.


Vocalist VMI graduate Caroline Kreutzberger

Beyond the borders of Austria, Caroline Kreutzberger will be reinterpreted by her vociferous performance on the RTL show "Supertalent" in autumn 2011, during which she successfully re-interpreted the song "Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore" by Celine Dion In the following video she proves that the VMI graduate is also able to interprete her own songs with great vibes and one of the most booked singers in the Austrian music scene.



VMI Band Contest Winner on tour

Right at the beginning of their studies, the two singer/songwriters won the annual VMI Band Contest 2017/18. As a prize, the talented students received a concert tour to Holland, where they met, among others, the winners of our international partner schools. The result is not just new contacts and experience, but also a video diary created by the two musicians on their concert tour.



VMI students at work

Valentina Piegger returned to the Rockacademie/Fontys University in Holland full of energy from a coordinated semester abroad in the summer semester of 2018 and is already aiming to graduate from the VMI in the following semester. Together with guitarist and VMI student David Theni she interprets the Luiz Bonfa classic "Black Orpheus" in the following video.



VMI students win a concert tour to Holland

The winning band of the VMI Band Contest 2016/17 is 'FIN'. The talented musicians will travel to Holland to perform on the 'Altersonic Stage' during the 'Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival', one of the biggest music festivals in Europe.



Solo-Performance of a VMI Graduate-Vocalist

Emanuel Treu completed his vocal/guitar study at the VMI with distinction and went on to impress as a solo performer. Today, the multi-instrumentalist writes songs for well-known acts in the German language music industry.



VMI-graduate with international lectureship

The German drummer Michael Kihn graduated with distinction at the VMI and went on to receive a scholarship at 'Berklee College of Music' in Boston before taking an additional study at the 'New School' in New York City. Michael is currently a sought after drummer with lectureships in South America and other regions.



VMI students in the Conchita Wurst band

The bassist Florian Schaffellner and drummer Lukas Schönsgibl both studied at the VMI-Vienna Music Institute. Today, these talented musicians are in Conchita Wurst´s (Eurovision Song Contest winner) band.



Scholarship for VMI graduates

Drummer Konstantin Kräutler had already demonstrated his extraordinary virtuosity during his study at the VMI. Following his graduation in Vienna, Konstantin received a scholarship in the USA to perfect his musicanship.



One of the world´s best guitarists

The guitarist and longtime VMI lecturer Conrad Schrenk was counted among the 100 best fusion guitarists worldwide by 'Reality Speaks' in 2017. In the following video the exceptional guitarist deminstrates a small section of his breathtaking skills.



Gisele Jackson at work

The New York City-born singer and thoroughbred musician Gisele Jackson is closely connected to the VMI, lives since 2017 as a singer and vocal coach in Vienna and keeps holding workshops and master classes at VMI. In the following video, the singer, who has worked with such greats as Ray Charles, gives a small sample of her vocal abilities and her phenomenal skills.



VMI Vocal Coach Chanda Rule

The charismatic singer Chanda Rule lived and worked for many years in New York. Since the academic year 2017/18, the gifted singer teaches a number of singing students at VMI. In addition, she works weekly with studying singer / songwriters within the course Vocal Training.



Singer-Songwriter Mel Verez

Mel Verez is one of the country's most versatile new voices. Since the academic year 2017/18 the virtuoso singer works at the VMI-Vienna Music Institute and teaches talented young singers as well as singer / songwriter in different vocal techniques. In the following recording you can listen to a taste of their international level.



Interview & Performance at the VMI

Conrad Schrenk is one of the most technically accomplished guitarists in the country and formely played with Austrian legend Falco. For many years Conrad has being teaching successfully at the VMI. Spectacular virtuosity cmbined with pure musicality!



VMI Final Concert 2013

A modern and powerful performance of some of the graduates 2013, featuring Gloria Amesbauer on vocals and Valentin Zopp on keyboards, Johannes Bankl on trumpet, David Dornig and Thomas Wintersteiger on guitar and a great rhythm section.



VMI-Tutor Collaborations

For many years VMI tutors Wolfgang Reisinger (drums) and Andy Manndorff (guitar) have been playing together regularly in diverse jazz formations.



VMI tutor Betty Semper

The charismatic soul singer and long-standing VMI-tutor Betty Semper impresses with her powerful authenticity, and is working successfully in countless bands and TV productions.



Look what happens at the VMI

The next "Open Day" at the VMI will take place on March 22, 2018. Throughout the day, a comprehensive and free program with numerous workshops, clinics, masterclasses, live on stage performances, level checks, auditions, talks and interviews with sucessful VMI gratuates, guided tours through the institute, information about studying and counseling sessions. A foretaste of this is provided by the following video.



Daily life at the VMI

The VMI consists of a lively and well networked community of several hundred musicians. Students, teachers as well as domestic and international guest lecturers work on various projects and regularly perform in various bands, projects and workshops. In the video below, some talk about their work at VMI.



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