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Individueller Einzelunterricht








International Guest Lecturers

In addition to regular courses and study programmes, the VMI regularly invites international guest lecturers to give workshops, masterclasses and seminars. An overview of the upcoming and previous VMI workshops  with information about the musicians follows.


08.03.2018, 19:30h: Free drum clinic with Michael Prowaznik

INSIDE DRUMS is a new and free workshop series by VMI. The series begins with the virtuoso drummer Michael Prowaznik. He is one of the greatest drummer in Vienna and worked with many local and international musicians. The focus of the first clinic is Swag/Wonky Hip Hop Beats and Jazz/Fusion Applications as well as Metricmodulation. Michael is supported by bassist Tobias Vedovelli, who completed his studies at VMI in 2016 with great succuss.

Save the date: This event is free and open to the public!


12.12.2017: Kiko Pérez - Bass & Vocal Workshop

Born in Spain, the bass player, frontman and backup singer Kiko Pérez played with many international musicians at diverse festivals in Europe, Africa and America. Kiko knows many different styles (from Flamenco until Rock) and is an excellent bass player. At this workshop he will discuss the topic bass & vocals. On this subject, Sting means: "It´s not easy to sing and play the bass. It´s easier to strum a guitar, than to play a line, that goes against the melody..."

On 12.12.2017 Kiko Pérez will be a guest lecturer at the VMI for a bass & vocal workshop. Starts at 6.30 pm. Free admission.


23.11.2017: Jonathan Whiskerd - Workshop & Masterclass

Jonathan Whiskerd is an award-winning songwriter and experienced recording artist. He has collaborated with writer-producers Joshua Blair (Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars), Sophie Daniels (Joelle Moses, Westlife), Paul Stanborough (Guy Chambers, Cathy Dennis), Bruce Hughes (Jason Mraz) and Igor Haefeli (Daughter) in studios across the UK and US. Jonathan works as a standalone songwriter on a range of artist projects in London and Nashville/Miami-based 'AbFab Artists' and is a professional songwriting tutor and coach, with strong background in artist and writer development. He delivered masterclasses at 'Middlesex University', the 'BRIT School', HDPK in Berlin, and for the 'London Song Company'. He also works with the songwriting department at 'Belmont University' in Nasville.

The workshop for all musicians on 23.11.2017 at the VMI starts at 10 am, the masterclass for für Singer/Songwriter starts at 2 pm. Free admission.


06.11.2017: Simon Phillips Drum Clinic

A great drum clinic with one of the famous drummer in the world! Starts at 5.30 pm at the Jazz- und Music-Club 'Porgy & Bess'.


Review 1999-2017



                         Mel Verez (A)                                     Chanda Rule (USA)                              Tools at Work (A)                               Xantone Blaqc (GB)



                    Gisele Jackson (USA)                           Konstantin Kräutler (A)                             Tony Zawinul (USA)                           VMI Drummer Night (A)



                    Randy Brecker (USA)                              Drori Mondlak (USA)                               Mike Stern(USA)                             John Abercrombie (USA)



                    Phil Woods (USA)                                    Alegre Correa (BRA)                               Max Grosch (D)                               Conrad Schrenk (A)



                    Christiano Rocha (BRA)                         Elias Meiri (ISR)                                 Steven Mathurin (UK)                             Chema Vilchez (E)



                    Fernando Paiva (BRA)                              Harri Stojka (A)                               Kirk Covington (USA)                             Doug Johnson (USA)



                    Jay Clayton (USA)                                Scott Henderson (USA)                              Alex Gunia(D)                                   Sheryl Bailey (USA)



                    Bernie Galane (USA)                               Dave Fiuczynsky (USA)                        Thomas Lang (USA)                          Markus Setzer (D)



                    Pat Martino (USA)                                    Karl Ratzer (A)                                    Robert Riegler (A)                              Joe Garcia (USA)



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