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Winds & strings

Astrid Wiesinger saxophon

Astrid Wiesinger

Astrid Wiesinger studied jazz saxophone at the University of Music and Performing Arts with Klaus Dickbauer and Martin Fuss, at the Anton Bruckner Private University with Christoph Cech and Peter Herbert and at the Lucerne University of Music.

She is part of the chamber-jazz trio "luchs" and the bass-saxophone duo "DUO 4675", where she contributes her own improvisational and compositional ideas as well as performative concepts. The debut album of luchs "TOTELLI" made it to number 7 of the jazz annual chart 2017 of the city newspaper "Falter".

In addition, Astrid Wiesinger can be found in traditional to experimental jazz settings, such as the "Nouvelle Cuisine Big Band" (Christian Mühlbacher/Christoph Cech), the "Christoph Cech Jazz Orchestra Project", the "Orjazztra Vienna (Christian Muthspiel) and "echoBOOMER" (Beate Wiesinger). As a soloist and studio musician she has performed with "Yasmo & Die Klangkantine", Vincent Pongracz Synesthetic Octet", Mathias Rüegg/Lia Pale.

Performance Highlights: Donauinselfest Vienna 2019, Popfest 2019, Amadeus Award 2018, Radiokulturhaus Vienna, Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Musiktheater Linz, Bucknerhaus Linz, Wiener Festwochen 2017, Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2019/2017/2016, 12 points festival 2017 (Denmark), Kick Jazz Festival (Vienna), Jazz in the Ruins Festival Gliwice (Poland), Outreach Festival Schwaz and many more.

Scholarships/Awards: NASOM-Förderung 2020/21 of the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs / START-Stipendium 2018 of the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture / Kulturförderung des Landes Oberösterreich / Leistungsstipendium der Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität / Marianne Mendt Jazz-Nachwuchsförderung.

Press: "(...) Not only are the musicians terrific ensemble players, they also shone as fervent improvisers. Two, of the young jazz circle of friends especially lit up this time. The saxophonist Astrid Wiesinger, who in her solo with the utmost self-confidence, stretched out regions between splinter sounds, stormy glissandi, extreme colors and bulky simplicity, and string wizzard Andreas Erd, who drove rock-immanent frickery out of this fence with a deliberate fizz of fantasy. (...)" From a concert review by Hannes Schweiger about "CCJOP" - program "Metrix" from 23.09.2018.

Stepan Flagar VMI

Stepan Flagar

Czech saxophonist Stepan Flagar has been living in Austria since 2014, where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Anton Bruckner Private University in 2019 and began his Master's studies in the same year. In his career so far, he has participated in a wide variety of ensembles of different musical genres. Concerts in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Romania, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Turkey, India or Maldives are among his references as well as numerous awards (Jazz Fruit 2014, European Jazz Competition 2015, Anděl 2017, Krokus Jazz Festiwal '14 '15 '16 '21, Central European Jazz Competition 2018, Central European Jazz Showcase 2021, NASOM, Öst.MusikFonds). In 2019 Stepan Flagar was chosen by the Czech radio station 'Český Rozhlas' as a member of the Euroradio Jazz Orchestra conducted by Christoph Cech. Meanwhile, the busy saxophonist and composer lives in Vienna and collaborates with numerous musicians* and ensembles.

Artistic activities: Purple is the Color, 11 Podob lásky, Beránci a Vlci, HuB5, C(z)ech Quartet, onQ Festival, Shake Stew, pol. D, Hot Brew, Lorenz Raab Septett, Ostrich Quartet, Heart of Dixie, Cotatcha Orchestra, Vladimir Javorský, Wolfgang Puschnig, Maria Hofstätter, Klaus Dickbauer, Tijn Wybenga, Polykleitos Dialog, Guido Mancusi, Peter Herbert, Jim Black, Phillip Nykrin, Georg Vogel, Cotatcha Orchestra, Herbert Pirker, Vladimir Kostadinovic Christopher Pawluk, Emil Viklický, Astrid Wiesinger, Judith Ferstl, Heart of Dixie, Gina Schwarz, Renald Deppe, Vinicius Ciccone Cajado, Andreas Lettner, Hannes Löschel, Renato Chicco, Ralph Mothwurf, Tobias Vedovelli, Martin Eberle, Yasmo & die Klangkantine. In addition, Stepan Flagar has been a soloist of the ABPU Symphony Orchestra and has cooperated with numerous other musicians* and ensembles of the European jazz scene.

"My honest joy is when I see my students feel their own progress or discover something new. In my teaching work so far, I have discovered for myself that I feel a certain naturalness when teaching. Maybe that comes from the fact that for me it's not the level but the interest and enthusiasm that matters."  (Stepan Flagar)

Johannes Probst trompete

Johannes Probst

Born 1980 in Linz, studied trumpet and pedagogy at the 'Bruckner Conservatorium' with Peter Tuscher and Allan Praskin, then master studies jazz trumpet at the 'Koninklijk Conservatorium' in The Hague and at the 'Codarts Conservatorium' in Rotterdam with Ack van Rooyen, Jarmo Hoogendijk, Eric Vloeimans, John Ruocco and Simon Rigter.

Performances and collaborations with Doug Hammond, Dwight Adams, Gary Smulyan, Barry Harris, Allan Praskin, Lee Konitz, Ack van Rooyen, Jimmy Halperin, Abraham Burton, Thomas Gansch, Wolfi Rainer, Rein deGraaff Trio, Simon Rigter, Peter Beets, Rose Bartussek Quartet, Dick Lozon, Peter Massink, Matthias Pichler, Together, Jazzmania Big Band, Robert Bachner Big Band, Hot Box Girls, Sugar Daisy's Hot Club.

Teaching music is a journey that students and teachers embark on together. My role is to help students express themselves musically in their own individual way. I believe that there is a very personal musicality in each person that develops in a process without rigid teaching methods. (Johannes Probst)

Paul Dangl - geige

Paul Dangl

2004/05 one year study stay in Scotland (Glasgow Fiddle School) and 2006-2010 study of jazz violin at the Landeskonservatorium Klagenfurt. Nominated for the All-Star Band for the opening of the Umbria Jazz Winter Festival 2010 within the Berklee Summer School in Perugia.
Together with Clemens Salesny, Paul Dangl leads the jazz band 'Travel Image' ('The Early Music of Joe Zawinul') as well as his own international folk band called 'Black Market Tune', which won the 'Austrian World Music Advancement Award 2014' and has since completed two extensive concert tours in Australia. In 2014 Paul Dangl was selected for the prestigious '12-Points Festival' with the improv string quartet 'Violet Spin'. In 2016 the violinist acted as co-founder of the 8-piece 'Vienna World Music Orchestra'.

Collaboration of the 'Railroad Project' (Paul Dangl, Christian Bakanic, Roman Britschgi, Jörg Mikula) with Israeli jazz saxophonist Daniel Zamir. Musician and composer in the field of folk, world music and jazz, experimental violinist in the 'Burgtheater Wien'.

Many of my students bring classical training from college or music school and are already very advanced in many technical areas. Through exercises, especially with the bow arm, I teach concepts to strengthen the rhythm and phrasing of violin playing. Singing phrases without an instrument is an essential part of my lessons, as is transcribing sound recordings, especially of trumpeters and saxophonists: after all, the bow stroke of a string player corresponds to the breath of a wind player. (Paul Dangl)

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