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Application / Registration

Entrance examination

We are pleased that you would like to study at our educational institution and perhaps meet you in person soon! To prepare yourself in the best possible way, please read the following information.

Step 1: Registration

After you have sufficiently informed yourself about the desired study program and the entrance examination, you can register online for the entrance examination. The process only takes a few minutes and is easy to complete. You will then immediately receive an automatic confirmation of your registration and our team will contact you soon after.

Step 2: Entrance examination

During the entrance examination, we would primarily like to gain an impression of your knowledge and abilities as well as your creative potential in order to be able to advise and support you accordingly in the realization of your musical goals and the choice of a suitable course of study. Since the requirements may differ depending on the course of study, please read the following information on your intended course of study:

Details of the entrance exam

Step 3: Enrollment

As soon as the result of your entrance examination is available, we will contact you again. If the result of the examination is positive, you can then enroll in order to start your studies at the beginning of the next possible semester. Persons from third countries (non-EU countries) or without a valid residence permit will receive a notification of admission beforehand, with which they can apply for a visa.

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