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International partner schools

The VMI considers itself very fortunate to have partnerships and excellent cooperation with a whole range of renowned educational institutions as well as universities and colleges, with whom numerous projects and reciprocal guest visits have been successfully carried out in recent years


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Cooperation with IK Multimedia


Originally from Italy, IK Multimedia is one of the world's leading innovators of app development, software, hardware, accessory products for music production and playback on computers and mobile devices. Effective immediately, our students will have access to the state-of-the-art iLoud Precision 6 speakers and the brand new Total Studio 4 MAX software suite in the studio. A Music Production Competition is also planned for the winter semester 2023, for which IK Multimedia will provide exciting prizes!

 iLoud Precision 6 Speaker                                                                © IK Multimedia

Cooperation with PRS Guitars


We are delighted to share with you the news that we have officially begun long-term cooperation with PRS Guitars! Over the past three and a half decades, this renowned company has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the highest quality instruments on the market. Through the cooperation with PRS Guitars, students and teachers at VMI now have the opportunity to borrow the following instruments for teaching purposes and ensemble rehearsals as part of the institute's daily routine: 
Electric guitars: PRS SE Silver Sky, PRS SE Hollowbody Piezo, PRS S2 Mccarty 594 Thinline, PRS CE24.  
Electric basses: PRS Kestral Bass (Tri-col), PRS Kingfisher Bass (Nat).
Amp: PRS Sonera 20

© PRS Guitars

Cooperation with Tegeler Audio Manufaktur


The VMI and Tegeler Audio Manufaktur - a Berlin-based manufacturer of high-quality high-end products are pleased to announce the start of a long-term planned cooperation:

A first delivery of Tegeler's handmade products to the VMI's music production department has already been made. With the so-called "Creme", students of the VMI now have a compressor and EQ working at the highest level in one device, so that music productions can be created even more professionally in the future.

© Nils Conrad

The VCTR (Vari Tube Recording Channel) from Tegeler will follow at the beginning of next year. The preamplifier, developed for professionals with a worldwide unique feature, will then give sound colorations of studio recordings a perfect and variable character.
The Vienna Music Institute is very pleased about the cooperation with Tegeler Audio Manufaktur and will publish its experiences with the products of the Berlin manufacturer in future test reports.

Cooperation with Tegeler Audio Manufaktur


We have been working with Arturia for several years now. They support us with their hardware and software to enable the students to learn in an even more practical way.
Already in the first semesters, our students get the opportunity to work with Arturia hardware synthesizers both in class and at home, and to apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned in the digital environment to their own music using a high-quality analog synthesizer.

© Arturia

In addition, we also work with Arturia sequencers, drum machines and audio interfaces and also provide our students with the full range of software instruments so that they become familiar with the basic functionality. The cooperation between Arturia's creative products and our academic knowledge transfer is an enrichment for both sides, which VMI and its students appreciate very much.

Daniel Kohlmeigner - Department leader for "Electronic Music & Sound Design" at VMI

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