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Study in Vienna

Study in Vienna

Music City Vienna

Top ranking worldwide
In international rankings, the megacity of Vienna regularly occupies a top place among the world's most livable major cities. Vienna also boasts the status of a world cultural heritage site - a distinction that only two other capitals in the world (Rome and Prague) share with the Austrian metropolis.

Liveable big city
Although Vienna, a city of over a million inhabitants, is the most populous city in Austria, the second largest in the German-speaking world and the sixth-largest city in the European Union, it is one of the most livable cities in the world. Numerous green spaces and parks, as well as extensive local recreation areas in combination with a historic old town, favor the high quality of life. In addition, Vienna offers a diverse range of art and culture, numerous historic buildings and sites, important stages and museums, traditional coffee houses and restaurants, lively shopping streets and extensive shopping centers, modern districts with well-developed infrastructures, a comprehensive public transport network, and numerous bike paths, as well as an extremely lively and young scene that likes to meet at the Danube Canal or the MuseumsQuartier.

City of music
For the domestic and international music scene, Vienna, which can look back on an almost incomparable musical tradition, offers countless smaller and larger clubs as well as several event halls and stadiums that are not missing from any tour schedule of the international top acts. One of the largest open-air music festivals in Europe is held annually on the Danube Island, which can be visited over several days with free admission. Numerous musical and theater stages, cinemas and other leisure activities complement the city's rich cultural offerings.

VMI live
The VMI organizes smaller and larger concerts for its students at regular intervals in various clubs in the city. At the end of each semester, for example, the so-called "VMI Final Concerts", which have already taken place on almost every stage in the city, and for years have been held at the "Porgy & Bess". This location is one of the most beautiful and renowned jazz and music clubs in Europe, offers daily concerts with local and international musicians and is located in Vienna's 1st district, close to St. Stephen's Cathedral and Kärtnerstraße. In addition, VMI organizes competitions, student projects and music festivals.

Bands & Projects

  • House of Europe: The application deadline for 2022 for this international project has unfortunately already expired!

  • Heinz Frank: Application to 

  • Erasmus+ Semester Abroad and Internship: Application to

  • Liberation Orchestra: VMI alumnus Ron Oppenheim is looking for a singer and a drummer for his orchestra. You can find more information here.

Student Residences

  • STUWO (Auf der Schmelz 12, 1150 Vienna): STUWO is a non-profit student housing company and aims to provide student dormitories with modern facilities. By integrating the dormitories into housing complexes, a quiet and friendly atmosphere is provided. These dormitories can be used by both Austrian and international students.

  • Music Student House Neustiftgasse (Neustiftgasse 141, 1070 Vienna): The Music Student House is centrally located and offers a low user fee, a roof terrace, several music practice rooms directly on site, as well as free WLAN / LAN and DVB-C TV connections. The subway, streetcar and bus are just around the corner and the museum district is also not far.

  • OeAD-WohnraumverwaltungsGmbH (Sechshauser Straße 31, 1150 Vienna): The OeAD-WohnraumverwaltungsGmbH provides 9 OeAD guest houses and additional places in other student residences. The OeAD guest houses can only be booked by international students.

  • Student dormitory WIHAST (Starkfriedgasse 15, 1180 Vienna): For students who are looking for simple and inexpensive accommodation with rehearsal space.

Private accommodation/shared apartments

It is also possible to share a private apartment with other students. The rent for a room in a shared apartment (WG) is usually between € 300 - € 400 per month (deposit up to 3 months rent). 

Short-term accommodation

If you are only looking for accommodation for a few days (because, for example, you cannot move into your apartment or room immediately after your arrival), youth hostels are a good alternative to bridge this time. In most hostels breakfast and bed linen are included in the price, but you have to bring your own towels. Among others, there are the following youth hostels in Vienna: 

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