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InternationaL students


Students from non-EU/EEA countries require a visa to enter Austria. Please inform yourself in time at an Austrian embassy about the entry requirements and documents you need to apply for a visa. Please submit the application for a visa or residence permit as early as possible in your home country.
For all citizens of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland, a valid passport or identity card is sufficient for entry into Austria. However, it should be noted that persons with EEA and Swiss citizenship who stay in Austria for more than three months (main and secondary residence) must apply for a registration certificate at the Immigration Office (MA 35) within four months of entry.
Short-term visa for an entrance examination: If you are traveling from abroad for an entrance examination and are not eligible for visa-free entry, you can apply for a short-term visa, for which we will gladly send you a letter of invitation.

For the invitation letter we need the following documents:

  • Web application for the entrance exam

  • Copy of your passport (first page)

  • Home address

  • Planned period in which you will come to Vienna for the entrance examination

Course language

Students and teachers from Austria, Europe and all over the world characterize the international atmosphere and ensure cultural and linguistic diversity at the VMI. Nevertheless, mastery of the German language is an important prerequisite for successful study at VMI and for coping with everyday life in Austria.

The main language of instruction for all study programs is German. For study programs with a particular international orientation, such as Songwriting, Music Production, Creative Musicianship or Electronic Music & Sound Design, individual courses are also taught in English.

Students with a non-German mother tongue who are studying Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy must provide proof of German language skills at level B2 (CEFR) by the 2nd semester at the latest. It should be noted that the final pedagogical thesis must be written in German and the final teaching qualification examination must also be held in German. Certificates from officially recognized language institutes are recognized as proof of language proficiency.

Peace Protest

VMI in solidarity with Ukraine

The VMI stands for democratic values, openness to the world, and peaceful coexistence in a community where students from Ukraine, Russia, and a total of 25 different countries of origin share European values and cultural diversity.
We are deeply appalled by the Russian attack on Ukraine, a sovereign state in Europe. Our full solidarity and sympathy goes out to the Ukrainian people, to our Ukrainian students and their families, but also to our Russian students who are also blamelessly at the mercy of this political drama.

Dear students!
We know that the dramatic war events in Ukraine are a great burden for many in our student community. We are here to support you! If you are in any way affected by the current crisis in Ukraine and need help, please do not hesitate to contact us:
International Office:

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