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Private lessons

Course description

Courses for individual lessons are offered for singing, songwriting and various instruments. One of the great advantages of these courses is the individualized approach to teaching, which allows teachers to respond to the interests and needs of students in a special way. Classes are held weekly at the institute and can be taken with preferred VMI instructors on a space-available basis. 


Course focus

  • Individualized lesson design based on preferred areas of interest

  • Development of vocal, compositional, or instrumental skills

  • Optimization of practical artistic composition and music-making practices

  • Extensive study of various techniques and compositional possibilities

  • Balanced combination of practical and music theory areas

  • Specialization in preferred techniques, styles, and genres


Course details

Course start: February and September
Course duration: 1 semester (5 months) with an option of extension

Classes: 30, 45, or 60 minutes per week 


Prerequisites: Practical experience with at least 3 years of previous education and a minimum age of 15 years. Persons from non-EU countries need a valid residence permit for Austria for the duration of the course.


Teachers: The course is taught by professional musicians and experienced VMI teachers who work individually with the students in these courses.


End of course: Courses can be terminated at the end of each semester or extended for one additional semester. If the course is extended, the teaching times and teachers usually remain the same.


Follow-up studies: The courses can also be used to prepare for studies at the VMI in order to optimally prepare for the entrance examination.


Course fees:

€ 130 monthly course fees for 30 minutes of lessons per week

€ 190 monthly course fees for 45 minutes of lessons per week

€ 250 monthly course fees for 60 minutes of lessons per week

Online registration

Online registrations for VMI's course offerings are possible at any time. Depending on the availability of places, the corresponding course times and instructors are then offered. Courses start at the beginning of the following semester.

Recommended registration for the winter semester (course starts in September): May/June

Recommended enrollment for the summer semester (course starts in February): November/December


Include 2 YouTube video links in your online application, if possible, so we can get a better idea of your current skills. Creating a video and YouTube channel is very easy and can be done in a few steps, as explained below.


Details on how to create a YouTube channel and videos

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