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Enrique Mendoza

Enrique Mendoza, from Mexico City, is an electro-acoustic music artist who focuses on acousmatics and live electronics. His electro-acoustic compositions and performances employ DIY analog oscillators, lo-fi mini-synthesizers, custom software, immersive music technology and multi-channel systems. He collaborates with artists to break new ground.

In 2020, he was invited as artist-in-residence at the Museumsquartier to compose a multi-channel piece for the Tonspur Kunstverein Wien. The KulturKontakt Austria and AIR-Niederösterreich program in collaboration with the Federal Chancellery of Austria selected Enrique as composer-in-residence for 2017 and 2019. In 2014, Mendoza released the album "Below Sea Level," published by Future Music Records in London. The Independent Music Awards in New York nominated his piece "Cassiopeia" as "Best Instrumental Song 2014." He represented Mexico at the 51st Unesco International Composers' Rostrum in Paris, as well as at the 59th edition organized by the International Music Council in Stockholm. Enrique has received commissions, prizes and grants from institutions and ensembles in Europe, the United States, Asia and Mexico.

The films and live cinema performances in which he has participated have been shown at more than 15 international film festivals in France, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Mexico and the United States. The film "Mamuth" was nominated for the Ariel Award. Enrique holds a master's degree from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. In conjunction with his doctoral studies at Antron Bruckner Private University, he currently researched electroacoustic music composition for hybrid audio diffusion systems.

Enrique Mendoza has shared his broad knowledge with students from all over the world at numerous institutions, such as the Instituto de Educación Media Superior, Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Música (CIEM), Universidad Anáhuac, Núcleo Integral de Composición (NICO), National School of Cinematographic Arts, UNAM or the Anton Bruckner Private University.


Stepan Sobanov

Stepan Sobanov is an Austrian-Russian composer, arranger and music producer. He studied composition and music theory at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in 2015-2017. Performing Arts Vienna and 2017-2022 Media Composition and Applied Music there. (graduated with excellent success; Mag. art.). With the help of master classes, e.g. at the Academy for Contemporary Music Lucerne, as well as workshops (with Georg Friedrich Haas, Alexandre Displat and the Arditti Quartett, among others) Sobanov was able to deepen his musical knowledge. The application-oriented know-how was in turn supplemented at Igudesman&Joo and MG Sound Studios in the form of internships.

In 2018, Sobanov won the Univision song contest with his song "Those Memories" (sung by Marcharie). He was a finalist in the 2020 Vienna Film Music Prize and has had the privilege of composing music for numerous films, including Vienna is like... for WienTourismus (12. million views on Youtube), The Future Art Lab of the mdw, the sci-fi short film Preserve and Additional Music for crime scene Borowski. As a composer Sobanov was allowed to write new works for the Big Band "Nouvelle Cuisine", the the Taiwanese "C-Camerata Taipei" ensemble, Christian Frohn (principal violist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra), as well as other ensembles and solo artists.
In his arranging activities he has collaborated with artists such as Olga Peretyatko, Joji Hattori, Josef Špaček, Sarah McElravy, Alexey Stadler, Itamar Golan, Nikolai Rybin, and Polly Roel. The video game Tilt Pack (Nintendo Switch), for which he composed and produced music, won the German Computer Game Award in the category "Best Family Game" in 2020.

The modern composer brings numerous roles (arrangement, music production, (arrangement, music production, self-management...) and faces the challenge of finding his/her place on the challenge of establishing his/her place in the firmament of the musical landscape. To support the students on their compositional path through individual supervision and of technical and craft aids gives me great pleasure and is not only a professional but also a not only a professional but also a personal concern. (Stepan Sobanov)

Photo credit: Cristian Graf 

Stepan Sobanov
Willi Songwriter
Willi Landl

Willi Landl

Born in Upper Austria, he studied singing and vocal pedagogy at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz and then lived in Hamburg for five years. Since then he has been an active singer and songwriter in the German-speaking world, and to date has released four recordings under his own name. He impresses with inimitable erratic, at the same time touching and poetic word pictures, which combine to love hymns, fantasy dreams and self-portraits in song form, with which he succeeds in airplay on FM4 as well as on Ö1.

Willi Landl's versatile musical interests have led to a wide variety of collaborations: e.g. a theater piece with the rock band Kreisky, projects with the Jazzwerkstatt Wien, commissioned composer for choir and theater, Hip Hop, Free Impro and Classical Jazz with important representatives of the Viennese scene. Recently he has also shown his chansonnier qualities, among other things as a Georg Kreisler interpreter.

Willi Landl is a sought-after vocal coach and our latest addition to the VMI. He has previously taught at various conservatories in Hamburg and Vienna as well as at Anton Bruckner University in Linz.

Move your ass and your mind will follow. (Willi Landl)

Kiko Songwritig
Kiko Bass_edited.jpg

Kiko Pérez

The Madrid-born bassist, singer and songwriter completed his musical education at the 'Universidad Autónoma de Madrid' (1996-2000), the 'Rotterdams Conservatorium' in the Netherlands (2001-2005) and the 'Adolfo Slazar' Conservatory of Music in Madrid (2009-2011) and has been working as a professional music educator and freelance musician since 2005.

An extremely versatile electric and double bass player, frontman and singer who has played with countless bands, Kiko Peréz excels in pop, rock and jazz as well as rhythm & blues, funk, Latin, fusion, but also flamenco or classical music. His concert tours have taken him to numerous countries, such as Bolivia, Algeria, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Jordan, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, the Netherlands, Switzerland or the United States of America.

In addition to countless club appearances, the grandiose bassist, who also has phenomenal vocal qualities, has also played at numerous festivals such as the 'Festval de Jazz de la Paz' in Bolivia, the 'Festival Suvremene Glazb' in Croatia, the festival 'Trieste loves Jazz' in Italy, the 'Gloucester Blues Festival' in England, the 'Piazza Blues Festival' in Switzerland, the 'Jazz á Juan' in France, the 'Festival de Blues Roses' in Spain, the 'Gevarenvinkel Blues Festival' in Belgium, the 'Baja City Festival' in Hungary, the 'Swingt Festival' in Holland, the 'Verviers Fiesta City Festival' in Belgium, the 'Festival de Blues de Bastia' in Italy, the 'Festival de Músicas de Torreperogil' in Spain, the 'Aman International Music Festival' in Jordan, the 'Festival de Cazoria' in Spain or at the BBC Radio's 'Paul Jones Show' in Great Britain.

"Try not! Do. ...or do not. There is no try." (Yoda)

Violetta Parisini - Vienna Music Institute

Violetta Parisini

Violetta Parisini is one of the best-known and most successful songwriters in Austria. Born in Vienna in 1980, she studied philosophy and theater at the University of Vienna after her schooling and graduated with honors. Parisini started her professional music career as a singer, composer, lyricist, and songwriter in 2001 with her first releases, which were followed by numerous concert performances and further productions. Between 2004 and 2015, the successful musician completed additional training in Vienna, Munich, Berlin and New York, where she intensively studied the Feldenkrais Method and Breath-Tone-Tone. Violetta Parisini lives in Vienna, is a mother of two children, and is married to the musician and music producer Sixtus Preiss.

2001 first release on Spinning Wheel rec. ("sunshine in my soul", Spinning Wheel feat. Violetta Parisini; Wolfgang Lackerschmied on vibraphone); 2002-2010 various projects and releases (as singer, composer, lyricist): Cloinc, Bela Butono, Syncope, Albanek, Mieze Medusa, and Tenderboy (with "Nicht meine Revolution" winner of the Protestsongcontest 2007) participation in the workshop with Jamie Lidell at the Donaufestival 2007, Tanz Baby!, Struboskop. "Don't stop robot"; 2001-2019 DJ in div. bars and clubs in Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Bad Bonn (CH), at festivals and theater premieres; Since 2010 solo project under own name, release of debut album "Giving you my heart to mend" with producer Florian Cojocaru; excellent press feedback, numerous live performances as a duo and in full band line-up since album VO; 2012 release of the second album "Open Secrets". Subsequently, further live performances as a soloist, duet, and with a larger line-up. Between 2012 and 2020 participated in various art projects for songwriting, compositions, and as a singer and choir director; including collaborations with Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Tanz Baby, Samuel Schaab, Stephanie Winter, and others. ; also 2014 curator of Popfest Wien (as curator* duo with Wolfgang Schlögl); 2020 release of the third album "Alles Bleibt", produced by Sixtus Preiss, with excellent press reviews; 2021 Musikfond funding for the next production: EP "Unter Menschen", SKE annual grant 2021; 2022 release of 5 singles and the EP "Unter Menschen".

Violetta Parisini: "Teaching a songwriting class gives me great pleasure: not only because I'm on fire for good songwriting, but also because the question of how to convey things and inspire people to engage more deeply with learning content and, not least, with themselves as artistic human beings, is what drives me. Sometimes you write a good song as if following an inspiration: it feels like a gift. But being able to receive such a gift presupposes that you know how to use language and music, that you know how to formulate what is important to you, and that you have learned important distinctions: What is poetic, and what sounds strained, how does a song stay exciting, how am I honest and hurtful without just dumping what's bothering me, how do I avoid clichés, who can I be, and who do I want to be? And who is actually my audience, how do I clarify something without explaining it? These are fine lines we dangle along, always learning, always raising new questions, never complete, never finished. How one learns to remain open to new things, to feedback and criticism, to one's own strengths and weaknesses, that's what interests me, and I believe that this preoccupation with oneself also leads to being able to write good songs, or to being given them. I want to convey this, on the one hand by means of examples that we analyze together, and on the other hand by means of writing exercises for my own songs. I want to encourage students to find their own language and to keep on digging what they can and want to say with this language. I believe students of every level can take something away from this pursuit, knowing that I, too, am always learning and certainly always changing my songwriting."

Violetta Parisini
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