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Conrad Schrenk music production

Conrad Schrenk

As head of the Music Production program, Conrad Schrenk, an experienced and internationally renowned music maker, passes on his extraordinary know-how to students, focusing on the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical applications in various courses. Among other things, he takes into account the fact that recording techniques and possibilities for professional music production have changed considerably in the course of technological development.

Conrad Schrenk is an active musician, composer, arranger and producer. He has performed in numerous countries, from Indonesia to America, and has worked with many outstanding musicians and bands throughout his career. These include, for example, Al Jarreau, Lionel Richie, Romanes, Nouvelle Cousine, Hallucination Company, Save the Robots, Lew Soloff, L'ame Immortelle, Napoleon "Murphy" Brock, Russkaja, Stahlhammer, Go4it, Wr. Symphoniker, Niederösterreichische Tonkünstler, RSO Vienna, John Wetton, Hakim Ludin,Wolfgang Ambros, Georg Danzer, STS, Wilfried, Klaus Eberhartinger, Thomas Lang or Falco.

In 2017, Conrad Schrenk was voted among the world's top 100 fusion guitarists by 'Realityspeaks'. His virtuoso guitar techniques can be heard, among others, on the 2014 Grammy-winning album 'Normas'. A few years earlier, his collaboration with California-based drummer extraordinaire Thomas Lang on 'Save the robots' caused an international sensation. Then, at the end of 2012, the long-awaited follow-up album 'Yumaflex' was released, featuring a remarkable stylistic diversity ranging from rock, metal and fusion to cleverly applied jazz elements and Far Eastern musical traditions.
As a teacher, Conrad Schrenk has been working at the VMI for about one and a half decades and, as the head of the course for music production, is significantly involved in the contemporary development of the institute.

The central point of my teaching concept is to lead students to artistic independence through technical fluency and reflection on their own musical experience in relation to the rest of the musical world. The students and their performance deserve full attention in class. This increases alertness to one's own actions and gives students the opportunity to be good teachers to themselves - and perhaps later to others - through increased introspection. I see an honestly positive teacher/student relationship, borne of personal esteem, as the basis for the development of all abilities and talents. (Conrad Schrenk)

Conrd -production
Filippo Gaetani music production

Filippo Gaetani

Filippo Gaetani works as a record producer, recording and mixing engineer, musician, writer and multi-instrumentalist. He has collaborated with artists and producers throughout Europe, the UK, the US and Canada and has recorded over 120 albums and singles in various genres. Recent and past work and collaborations include Don Grusin, Martin Klein, Adrina Thorpe, Cameron Craig, Jordon Zadorozny, My Excellency, Papermoon, Andy Bell / Phil Larsen, Ken Andrews / Digital Noise Academy, Apache Darling, 5th Project, Grown Up Avenger Stuff , Jessie Grace, Xiren, Peter Doran, Eraldo Bernocchi, Russell Morgan, Stefano Bollani and Erik Friedlander. He is the founder of,, and the indie label and lives between Tuscany and Vienna.
Achievements and milestones:
- Currently working at Tic studio, Vienna ( and with leading software company IK Multimedia.
- 2007-present - Member, co-producer and co-writer of the transatlantic prog-pop band SheLoom with Jordon Zadorozny and Eric Matthews and the funk-prog-jazz band Q-bizm.
- CEO and founder of, and
- From 2007 to 2011, he was an active member of LA-DNA (Digital Noise Academy), founded by artist-producer Ken Andrews (Paramore). Among them were producer Greg Wells and musician Justin Meldhal Johnsen (Beck, Paramore, M83) Matt Chamberlain and producer-artist Jordon Zadorozny, with whom he founded SheLoom in 2007.
- 2006-2011 works with the successful Viennese producer Christian Seitz on several albums, including the crossover rock act My Excellence and 4 albums with the folk duo Papermoon. In the UK, pop producer Phil Larsen (Kyle Minogue) plays bass on Andy Bell's (Erasure) solo album.
- In 2010 he produced and engineered Adrina Thorpe's second album "Halflight and Shadows" in Los Angeles, which won the MTV Ourstage Pop and Indie Pop main prize twice in a row in 2010 and 2011 with the singles "Midnight" and "Everything Changes".
- During 2000 he participated in a chart success called "By your side" with a funk-soul song he wrote for the artist Malina, remixed and licensed by the Tommy Boy label NY, reaching number 12 he US Billboard charts.
- In 1997 he founded Le Bozze Recording Studio and in the following 10 years he collaborated with a wide range of high profile jazz and pop artists such as Stefano Bollani, Enrico Rava, Erik Friedlander, Alain Boublil, Irene Grandi, Riccardo Cocciante and others.
- In 1993 he wrote the musical score for "Ritorno a Parigi", recording at Ennio Morricone's forum studio in Rome and writing TV music for RAI sports shows.
- In 1987 he joins the Gianluca Mosole Group as singer and drummer and tours with Sting & Gil Evans , Miles Davis and Al Di Meola.
- In 1981 he tours as bassist with the band Freestyle supporting Ivano Fossati, Skiantos and PFM.
- In 1979 he buys a Gibson SG from a student and meets Feetwood Mac guitarist Jeremy Spencer, who teaches him various blues guitar licks.

Musical Background: Filippo grew up listening to the Beatles, the Wings and the best rock and prog rock of the 70s. At 13 he started playing guitar and bass and recording his music, using a Revox B77 reel for endless overdubs and then a 4-track Tascam tape recorder. A meeting with Fleetwood Mac Jeremy Spencer changed his musical approach and skill on the guitar. In the 80's he started playing as a bassist and guitarist in rock bands and accompanied with his band some Italian pop acts like Ivano Fossati and PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi). After that he listened more to Frank Zappa and modern or contemporary jazz of the 80s, which had a great influence on him. After years of recording with 8-track machines, recording and producing his songs and those of his friends, in 1985 he entered the first professional recording studio to help various artists with string or horn arrangements. In 1987 he shared the stage with Sting and Gil Evans at the Umbria Jazz Festival and with Miles Davis in Rome and Milan as percussionist and singer of the Gianluca Mosole Band, Italian Jazz Fusion Enfantprodige. In 1993 he founded Le Bozze recording studio, where in the following 10 years he recorded and produced over 50 jazz, classical, soundtrack, pop and rock albums with a wide variety of established artists. It was during this work in 1999 that he met jazz icons Dave Grusin and Don Grusin, as well as engineering legend Al Schmitt. In 2004, he decided to return to songwriting more and to produce and mix music on a freelance basis. His preferred production genres are alternative, indie pop, rock, singer/songwriter, jazz, ambient, soundtracks.

Fillipo production
Sixtus Preiss music production

Sixtus Preiss

Sixtus Preiss is a well-known Viennese musician, music producer, studio owner and microphone builder. His studio work includes commissions for Esches, Cid Rim, Simon Zöchbauer, Clemens Wenger, Violetta Parisini, Mopcut, König, 5 kHD, Schmidts Puls, Month of Sudays, Iris Electrum, Lulu Schmidt, Lylit, Koenig Leopold, Manu Mayr, Federspiel, Rom/Schärfer/Ebele as well as productions under his own name.

Engagements for theater as well as perfomances with Simon Mayr, Embracing Shitstorm, Soundball (installation) and others.

Concerts for and with Violetta Parisini, Lukas König, Peter Rom, Manu Mayr, Owen Biddle, Zach Danzinger, Jazzwerkstatt New Ensemble, Dorian Concept, T-Shit, Martin Klein and others.

Microphones are manufactured by Sixtus Preiss under the name Preiss Elektronik ( The main product of this company is the BM1 ribbon microphone for brass instruments, which can be seen and heard e.g. at Mario Rom, Martin Eberle, Martin Ptak or Simon Zöchbauer.

Dominik Plohovich music production

Dominik Plohovich

Dominik Plohovich began playing the violin as a preschooler, at the age of five, and learned this instrument for many years at various music schools before becoming a violinist with the Austrian Guard Music in 2017 and taking part in documentaries for Austrian Radio. At the age of 10, he self-taught himself to play the guitar, then also learned this instrument under professional guidance and began to learn piano in addition at the age of 17, before he completed a vocal training from 2016. In addition to writing his own songs, he was already intensively involved with music production from the age of 13. In 2018, this was finally followed by university studies in media composition and the actual deepening of the already existing knowledge in the field of music production, which he had previously carried out through various music productions with Ableton Live and Logic Pro X.

Dominik Plohovich is now readily recommended for a wide variety of productions, is intensively involved with acoustics as well as analog audio equipment, and is registering a steadily growing interest in his work from artists from various genres. In addition, the multi-talented musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer is also active as a videographer for contemporary music videos. Dominik Plohovich's early and long-standing involvement with a wide variety of instruments and areas of music production has enabled him to realize music productions on an international level today.

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