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Simon Raab - Klavier

Simon Raab

Simon Raab studied concert performance and pedagogy at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz, graduating with honors in both studies. As an outstanding pianist, he has received numerous prizes and awards. For example, Simon Raab won the "Prima La Musica" competitions several times between 1998 and 2009, received the first prize of the "Podium Jazz Competition" in 2010, the "Newcomer Award" Linz in 2013, the "Jugendkultur Förderpreis" Hamburg in 2016, the first prize of the music contest "Lautstark" in 2017, the first prize of the "Central European Jazzcompetition" Brno in 2018, 2018 a start-up grant from the Federal Chancellery of Austria, 2019 subsidies from the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for recordings and an international concert tour with the formation "NASOM", 2020 a working grant from the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and a talent promotion award for music from the Province of Upper Austria.

Equally impressive is his musical collaboration with various bands and musicians, such as. ProBrass, Maxi Blaha, Cara Luzia, Lylit, Yasmo & die Klangkantine, Patricia Aulitzky Jo Strauss, Lorenz Raab, Christoph Cech, Andreas Lettner, Julia Lacherstorfer, Alma, Elfi Eichinger, Andi Schreiber, Jeff Boudreaux, Hannes Löschel, Herbert Pirker, Florian Klinger, Ulrich Drechsler, Efrat Alony, Axel Zwingenberger, Oscar Klein, Alois Eberl, Oliver Steger, Judith Ferstl, Federic Robinson, Philipp Kienberger, Alex Kranabetter, Anna Anderluh, Hubert Bründlmayer, Beate Wiesinger, Vincent Pongracz, Lucia, Leena, Andi Senn, Jakob Mayer, Felipe Ramos, Julian Urabl, Cosimo Panozzo, and many more. v.m.

Simon Raab has been invited to perform at concerts and festivals in many countries. Here are some of the countries he has been invited to perform in: Germany, Switzerland, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Turkey, India, Maldives, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania or Serbia, as well as the International Jazzpianofestival Kalisz, Akbank Jazzfestival Istanbul, Festival de Morelia de Musica Mexico, Jazzfestval Saalfelden, Münsterland Jazzfestival, Most&Jazz Festival, Jazzfestival Baden, Palm Jazzfestival Gliwice, Mladi Ladi Jazzfestival Prague, Izmir International Jazzfestival, Zvuk for Stiavnica, Fara in Sabina Jazzfestival, Green Hours Jazzfestival Bucharest, Old City Jazzfestival Warsaw, Porgy & Bess Vienna, Unterfahrt Munich, The Pianoman Jazzclub New Delhi, Jazzcafé Maldives, Opus Jazzclub Budapest, Bird's Eye Basel, Alte Schmiede Vienna, and many more. v.m.

Simon R - Klavier
Wolfgang S - Klavier
Wolfgang Seligo - klavier

Wolfgang Seligo

Piano studies in Vienna. International concert activity as a soloist as well as in various ensembles (Russia, China, Italy, Morocco, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, as well as various cities in the USA, such as Chicago, St. Louis, Washington, etc.). Media composer for radio, TV and cinema, working as a producer and composer for various record companies.

From the beginning of the 90s musical collaboration with various ensembles of the Viennese music scene, as well as with the co-founded ethno project 'Ziryab' around Dhafer Yousseff (Extraplatte), which gave concerts in Germany and Austria. Commissioned composer and co-producer for several regional music projects (Spray/Ariola, BMG, EMI) and advertising music. From about 2000 Seligo changed his previous musical course, putting more emphasis on his own instrument, the piano. He began to combine jazz, rock and improvised music with elements of classical music and toured with this music through Europe and Asia as well as Africa and the USA. This was followed by various music releases and the solo piano band 'Alternative Jazz Piano for Classical & Jazz Pianists'. He has been performing with his current trio, which includes Heimo Wiederhofer (drums) and Peter Strutzenberger (bass), since 2014.

Wolfgang Seligo has been working at the VMI-Vienna Music Institute since 2008 and is responsible for the areas of 'Central Artistic Major' and the supplementary subject 'Piano Practicum'.

A solid foundation can facilitate the search for the individual style. (Wolfgang Seligo)

Leon Tomic  Vienna Musi Institute

Leon Tomic

Leon Tomic first completed a preparatory course in piano at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg and then studied concert piano and instrumental pedagogy at the VMI-Vienna Music Institute. Tomic completed both courses with excellent results in 2020 before pursuing a master's degree in songwriting in London at the ICMP-Institute of Contemporary Music Performance - a partner school of VMI. He was awarded the academic degree of Master of Arts by the University of East London in October 2021. 

Between 2012 and 2016, Leon Tomic won numerous first prizes at the national competition "Prima la Musica" as a soloist and in trio. Performances with trio and orchestra in Austria and Germany followed, where Tomic shone with piano concertos by Schumann and Rachmaninov. Another highlight of his pianistic concert activity took place in the trio at the "Stellenbosch International Chamber Festival" in South Africa. Performances as a jazz duo with numerous singers followed in Austria, Germany, Poland and England.

Leon Tomic has recorded three albums under his own name so far, featuring both original compositions by the pianist and music from the albums of the Vienna Bar Pianists: Yes it is, Homecoming and Moonchild. In addition, Leon Tomic has been and still is active as a keyboardist in numerous bands, such as Matho, Pure Chlorine, Leon and Band and others. As a studio musician and music producer he works for the label "Rhythm and Poetry".

A great teacher is one who can strike sparks out of his students, sparks on which their enthusiasm for music - or whatever they are studying - eventually catches fire. (Leonard Bernstein)

Leon Tomic
Michael T - Klavier
Michael Tiefenbacher klavier

Michael Tiefenbacher

Born 1982 in Zams, Tyrol, studied jazz piano at the Tyrolean State Conservatory, studied jazz piano at the Gustav Mahler Conservatory in Vienna with Paul Urbanek, master classes with Jacky Terrasson, Rob McConnel, Bobby McFerrin and Lee Harper. Since 2009 lecturer for piano and ensemble / live performance as well as music theory practice, since 2014 department head for keyboard instruments at the VMI-Vienna Music Institute.

Collaboration with Billy Cobham, Jeff Richman, Joel Taylor, Wolfgang Puschnig, Ulrich Drechsler, Lorenz Raab, Zipflo Weinrich, Gerd Hermann Ortler (GHO Orchestra), Wolfgang Mitterer Herbert Pirker, Matthias Pichler, Andreas Pichler, Florian Bramböck, Herwig Gradischnig, Sebastian Gille , Stephen Menotti, Paul Hübner, Merke Kazokoglu, Peter Rom, Clemens Salesny, Lukas König, Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic, Flip Philipp, JazzWerstatt Vienna, Studio Dan and others

Activities 2015/16:
- Concert activity with the band 'Cafe Drechsler'
- Concert activity with the 'Ulrich Drechsler Trio'
- Concert activity with 'Sugar Daisy's Hot Club'
- Opera 'Snow White' by Wolfgang Mitterer
- European tour with the band 'Studio Dan'
- Various recordings and radio recordings, among others with 'Studio Dan', Barry Good ', Duo Mayr / Tiefenbacher, Wolfgang Mitterer ...

- Michael Tiefenbacher, an exceptional pianist from Tyrol. A name to remember. (Andreas Felber, Ö1)
- Very beautiful sound. Very creative. (Shai Maestro - pianist of the Avishai Cohen Trio)
- I think he's the only kexboardist to ever do a whole chorus of 5's in 8th note groupings in 7/8 and keep it together! That's some drummer shit! (Joel Taylor - drums with Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, Robben Ford ...)

It is very important to me to convey an intuitive approach to music. That means knowing and mastering your instrument well, developing your hearing as well as possible and developing your musical imagination. (Michael Tiefenbacher)

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