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Preparatory course


Study description

The pre-study program provides focused preparation for the intended major course of study. It includes instruction in the chosen major subject, as well as in the supplementary subjects of ensemble, harmony, and ear training. As a result, students receive preparatory training in the essential areas necessary for admission to the intended major. Because of the targeted training and preparation, students can often continue in the major program after only 1-2 semesters of preliminary study.

Study focus  

  • Learning practical skills in the chosen field

  • Imparting knowledge of music theory

  • Training of the musical ear

  • Introduction to working with ensembles

  • Acquisition of technical and rhythmic skills

  • Examination of different styles

VMI - Vorstuditum


Study Details

Start of studies: February and September

Duration of study: 2-4 semesters

Prerequisites: Practical and theoretical previous knowledge as well as online registration for the entrance examination (audition). Persons from non-EU countries require a valid residence permit (student visa) at the beginning of their studies, which can be applied for after successful completion of the entrance examination.

Instructors: The training is provided by a professional team of internationally active musicians, composers, and music educators as well as experts from the music industry, creative industries, studio technology, and musicology.

Curriculum: Study plan / Completion plan

Degree: Preliminary studies are usually completed after 2-4 semesters by transferring to a main study program*.


€ 120 one-time enrollment fee

€ 250 monthly tuition fee

Details on tuition and scholarships

*Transfer to a main study program does not require a new completion of the entrance examination, but only an application in this regard, which can be submitted at the end of each semester. After approval by the responsible main subject and ensemble teacher as well as the program and institute management, the training can be continued in the respective main study program.


Online registration

Online registrations for the entrance examination are possible any time, free of charge and without obligation. They are used to determine prior practical-theoretical knowledge and whether this suffices to be accepted into the desired course of study (otherwise, alternative training options may be suggested). The entrance examinations usually take place on the following dates:

For the winter semester (start of studies in September): May/June*

For the summer semester (start of studies in February): November/December*

Details on the entrance examination

*Alternatively, other dates may be assigned.

Supporting industry partners:

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